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WAYOPY y La Máscara Divina

The innocent life of the little Wayopy changed abruptly after the day in which the members of his tribe had that hostile encounter with a group of different men, colonizers arrived from other distant and strange lands, during the period of the conquest of the American continent by the Europeans. Suddenly, he had lost his parents and he is under the tutelage of his beloved grandmother. After the time and in another location, he hopes to become a hunter and a warrior, but what he doesn´t know is that this is not his destiny. He is the living promise of the Gods of his people, sent him to fulfill the prophecies dictated by the stars. Then embarks on an adventure in the search for a hidden enchanted mask that will attribute him special powers to combat, not only those who covet the wonderful riches of his territory, but also powerful wizards who seek to seize the extraordinary magical sources that are part of his world. With the orientation of transcendental jungle shamans and the help of his friends, Wayopy will face surprising situations full of supernatural events, mysterious challenges and heroic acts that will have their climax the night of the total eclipse of the moon in the monumental capital of the old empire to which the boy belongs. “Wayopy y la Máscara Divina” is in Spanish language.
Leer más... Autor: Antonio Vieira Sousa Género: Ciencia ficción, fantasía y terror Fantasía Infantil Ciencia ficción y fantasía Juvenil

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