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The Midnight Caller (Jack Widow Book 7) (English Edition)

Autor: Scott Blade Editorial: Black Lion Media Fecha: 11/11/2017 Nota: 4.50/5 Género: Ebooks en idiomas extranjeros Páginas: 416 Idioma: Inglés

Sinopsis de The Midnight Caller (Jack Widow Book 7) (English Edition)

A midnight phone call.
A beautiful spy.
A nuclear threat.
Jack Widow races against time to stop a nuclear attack.

Jack Widow teams up with a beautiful spy to hunt down a missing nuclear submarine.

Former undercover NCIS Agent Jack Widow is in New York City. Today is his birthday. He's spent the day riding the subway, walking the streets, and sipping espresso near Central Park. Enjoying the tourist life. 

An irresistible offer comes his way, and he ends up staying the night in one of the most beautiful hotels in New York City, The Plaza. 
Things are going his way. So far. 

At midnight, the hotel room telephone rings, waking Widow from a dead sleep. 

A woman with a stimulating Russian accent and seductive voice, speaks, making a desperate plea for her life. She claims to need help. She claims that she's being held against her will by a group of dangerous men. 

Suddenly, the phone goes dead. 

Who was she? Was her claim real? 

Being Jack Widow means that he must find out. No choice. However, what he finds pulls him into a horrifying plot ripped right out of an international nightmare. 

Fans of Lee Child's Jack Reacher, Tom Clancy, Vince Flynn's Mitch Rapp, and Mark Greaney's Gray Man will enjoy the Jack Widow Action-Thriller Series.

Readers are saying...


★★★★★ Such a good book. No slow moments. Do not miss this one.

★★★★★ It looks like the good old spy games continue. Meet Eva Karpov. A devastatingly beautiful woman who has no problem using her assets to get whatever she wants and even Widow seems incapable of resisting.
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