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Kiwi Rules (New Zealand Ever After Book 1) (English Edition)

Autor: Rosalind James Fecha: 20/04/2019 Nota: 4.70/5 Género: Ebooks en idiomas extranjeros Páginas: 445 Idioma: Inglés

Sinopsis de Kiwi Rules (New Zealand Ever After Book 1) (English Edition)

I may have lost my leg. I may have lost my job. I didn't have to lose my courage.
You don’t find many too-pretty rich boys in the New Zealand Defence Force. Turns out there’s a reason for that. Fortunately, you can find your true self in the oddest places. Of course, you can lose yourself in those places, too—at least some pieces of you.

Since I was back home with a new leg, some facial alterations, and time on my hands, I might as well help out my sister. Showing a potential buyer around some of New Zealand’s quirkier ecotourism sites, having a few adrenaline-fueled adventures? Fine. It wasn’t like I’d never been camping, unlike the walking tornado that was Miss Karen Sinclair. Unfortunately, Karen had never heard of the phrase, “Let me get that,” let alone, “We don’t have time.” She’d definitely never heard, “There’s no more room in the car.”

And then there was the sexual frustration.
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